Don’t ignore even a small repair or it could require major restoration work

Reliable specializes in repair and maintenance of your grounds, whether indoor or outdoor, with high quality.


Repair Work

Don’t ignore any small damage waiting to get worse.

  • Floor & Tile Repair (for indoor grounds)
  • Ground level & turf grass
  • Replace & repair damaged poles & nets
  • Painting & markings
  • Repair & replace water supply & electric motors
  • Setting up correct chemical composition for fields


Restoration Work

Sometimes restoration is unavoidable. But we ensure that they don’t become painful or more expensive than the need.

  • Ground level & turf grass setup
  • Setup & repair of irrigation fittings
  • New floor tiling and coping
  • Painting & markings
  • Water proofing
  • New filter and pump installation
  • Chemical automation, salt system and UV system installation

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