Reliable helps the customers in opening their pools quickly & efficiently and getting everything up and running. We also review the state of your pools to determine any repair needs before opening.

We can also help you close the pools at the end of the season so that it is safe and sound through winter, until next year, when you are ready to use them.


Pool Opening Service

  • Uncovering and cleaning
  • Review pool bottom and walls
  • Install return jets, baskets and rails
  • Set up mechanical equipment and safety markings
  • Refill pool


Standard Start-Up

  • Review pump and backwash filter
  • Perform chemical analysis and maintain chemical balance
  • Inspect all mechanical equipment for proper operation
  • Prepare opening inspection report accompanied with a repair and inventory budget


Pool Closing

  • Drain pool water
  • Vacuum and blow water out of plumbing lines and add anti-freeze
  • Remove return jets, baskets and rails
  • Storing of chemicals and various equipment
  • Cover pool for winter
  • Shut off gas to heater
  • Prepare a closing inspection report with a repair budget

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